Our Core Values

Fig Tree Pocket Early Childhood Centre and Preschool is committed to providing a high quality Early Childhood educational and caring environment.  It aims to reflect the needs of children, their families, staff and all others involved with the Centre.

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We Promote a Culture of Childhood Based on Collaboration, Rights, Dignity, Respect, Dialogue and Trust.

According to Carla Rinaldi, a proponent of the Reggio Emilia socio-constructivist approach, “Young children are the greatest listeners to the world around them. They listen to life in all its shapes and colours…Children recognise that they have a voice, know how to listen, and want to be listened to.”

We value and respect the voices of children and encourage them to “represent and offer interpretations of their theories and ideas through action, emotion, expression and representation.”

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We Advocate Children's Rights

Over the past 25 year the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has changed the way children are viewed and treated. The culture of childhood has shifted.

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We create a Supportive Environment

A well designed learning space can serve as a valuable source of educational provocation and insight by stimulating children’s innate curiosity. For example, a science or art display can become a nexus for dialogue and exploration. And a spacious, well-lit environment can put children at ease and prompt them to generate spontaneous extensions to their learning.

It is imperative that learning environments are flexible and multi-faceted so that they can appeal to multiple learning styles. Outdoor environments, like our garden and chicken farm, are special because they can be used to teach children the importance of living sustainably and interacting respectfully with their environs.

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We Harness Individualism

We recognise the rights and strengths of every child. Every child has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. All children have the right to play, explore and feel loved. We recognise that each child is a unique and competent person and it is our responsibility to recognise and nurture this individuality. Children are researchers, collaborators, citizens of the world, ground breaking pioneers, performers, musicians, artists and lifelong learners.


We Partner with Parents & Caregivers

We respect and acknowledge families as the children’s primary educators. By establishing open dialogue with parents and forging connections between the home and our centre, we strive to ensure harmonious alliances between the two. This allows us to create continuity between the two environments, facilitate smooth transitions, and work together with parents to support the children & celebrate their individuality.


We Encourage Diversity

We take pride in the cultural diversity of our families and encourage them to enrich our program by sharing their traditions and heritages.

  • We respect and acknowledge families as the children’s primary educators. 
  • Cultural diversity is valued and appreciated. 
  • Open dialogue. 
  • Forging connections between home and FTPECC to ensure harmonious alliances between the two.
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We Source Exceptional Educators

We believe in finding the best child educators and supporting staff whose values align with ours and are committed to the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our educators recognise individualism, advocate for the child's rights and build relationships with the children through trust, dialogue, respect and collaboration.

We employ high-quality, passionate and innovative Early Childhood professionals who are committed to the betterment of children. Our educators create loving, educational and supportive environments for your child to learn, grow, and develop in.



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